B2B eCommerce Solution for Utility and Municipal Service Providers

Discover Your Perfect Solutions

In our arsenal, we have solutions that are ideal for Suppliers of Vital Utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, as well as Municipal Service Providers, covering refuse removal, recycling, telecom, internet, vehicle licenses, and business operating licenses.
We ensure seamless operations and unparalleled efficiency in every transaction.

  • Sell metered services alongside physical products and time-based services and licenses.
  • Have customers order and pay for municipal services and licenses themselves via self-service access.
  • Handle millions of transactions across hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • Send expiry reminders and prompt renewals.

Elevate your service game with our B2B eCommerce Solution for Utility and Municipal Service Providers.

TotalOne’s platform is built for a high volume of complex transactions, which scales as your customer base grows and offerings multiply.

No developer input or technical expertise is needed to deploy, operate, integrate and enjoy the TotalOne platform.

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