At TotalOne, Our mission is to Inspire, Innovate, and Impact.

TotalOne project has been nurtured by Homerun Management AG, a renowned Swiss-based Business IT Consulting and Software Development Company.
Initiated in 2017, TotalOne has since evolved into an unparalleled Digital Infrastructure for B2B Commerce, shaped by the determined efforts of our expert team and the invaluable insights of our esteemed customers.


At Homerun, we rally around the idea of transforming the Business IT landscape, ensuring that every interaction with technology is smooth, delightful, and pivotal to our client’s success and growth.

Through technical excellence and smart automation, we not only streamline routine business processes but empower competitiveness and pave the way toward our client’s vision.

Homerun’s geography covers Switzerland, the UK, Ireland, the US, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UAE, to name a few.
Based in Baar, Switzerland, our headquarter anchors our global operations, complemented by our vibrant office in Dubai, UAE.

The responsible management team has more than 20 years of international experience in the fields of IT infrastructure, Service Management, Process Management, IT Automation and Corporate Consulting. This drives our company forward and ensures exceptional service and innovation for our clients.

Total One Company Values

TotalOne upholds the core values of Homerun Management

  1. Customer-centric Excellence:
    We prioritize our customers above all else. Your satisfaction drives every decision we make. Seamless user experience and intuitiveness of our solutions are a must.

  2. Less is More:
    We work hard to streamline our client’s business operations. We build systems that do the hard work, so our clients don’t have to. The less you need to think about the system itself, the more you can focus on what matters.

  3. Innovation as a Mindset:
    We foster a culture of creativity and continuous improvement. We embrace change, explore new ideas, and challenge the status quo.

  4. Precision:
    Our business solutions deliver exactly as required, all the time, every time, like a Swiss watch. Through intelligent automation, we leave no room for error.

  5. Neutrality:
    We believe in universality and being future-proof. Thus, we look for the most effective, versatile technologies to deliver solutions that can seamlessly integrate with global tech ecosystems, ensuring effortless upgrades as time progresses.

  6. Ultimate Security:
    In a time when systems are becoming increasingly complex, ensuring robust security measures is paramount. We deliver unmatched proficiency in crafting personalized IT security solutions.

Simple is not always the Best but the Best is always Simple!