Ecommerce Solution for IT Service Providers

IT Service Providers

The TotalOne Platform is a cloud commerce platform for selling, provisioning and billing your subscription and consumption licenses, managed services, and custom products.

It provides a user-friendly management interface where you can operate and maintain every aspect of your business (from quote to cash). Where your customers and sales team can leverage a high level of automation and the independence provided by our unparalleled self-service features.

TotalOne eliminates the need for manual time-consuming financial operational tasks to free up your time for business scaling initiatives.
TotalOne allows you to onboard your own managed services to a product catalog and create single-vendor or multi-vendor products or product bundles to respond to customers’ demand for complete solutions sales vs. outdated product sales.

  • Go to Market with a Versatile Multi-Vendor Catalog
    Expand your portfolio with third-party solutions to sell alongside your offerings. Cut integration time & costs.
  • Unify Operations
    Build, sell, deliver, and operate multi-cloud, SaaS, and managed services catalog with self-service and automation.

Supporting Your International Growth

TotalOne is a multi-language and multi-currency platform.
If your customers are across borders, you will benefit from the automated calculation of international Sales Taxes (VAT, HST, etc.) in TotalOne. 

Seamless Integration

TotalOne is a No-Code API-first solution.
This dramatically simplifies integration with your existing systems, like CRM, ERP, ITSM, etc.

Effortless License Management and User Management

Whether you are a Distributor, Indirect Reseller or Direct Reseller,  you and your customers will benefit from our unparalleled customer self-service for subscription, user and license management.
Easily place orders, manage and update subscriptions with the TotalOne Client Portal. Activate pre-defined user permissions and approval processes at your convenience for a streamlined experience.
For you and your customers, we support Single Sign-On. TotalOne’s user management includes both in-cloud and federated customers.

Our system supports all contract periods and subscriptions with various billing cycles (monthly, annual, etc.) as well as add-ons, promotions, trials and more.
This allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to the individual requirements of your customers.

Sales Support

Our state-of-the-art Support Chat module enables your Sales organization to engage with customers in real-time, guiding them through the portal and facilitating their order and management decisions.

Customer Service

We integrate our portal support requests into your Customer Service system, giving customers an award-winning user experience.

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