Software License Management

Our software license management offers automated precision and intuitive control, driving revenue growth with scalable and flexible licensing options.

B2B License Management
Automated, Scalable and Flexible Licensing to Support Revenue Growth

Increased Efficiency and Deeper Insights

  • Get a single-point of license management for SaaS, desktop and mobile apps, APIs, VMs, devices, and more, greatly reducing admin effort.
  • Keep track of critical license information such as types, purchase dates, renewals, and expiration statuses effortlessly.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to cancel, suspend, or reactivate subscriptions with just one click.
  • Effortlessly assign licenses at will to users, groups and devices.
  • Automate license renewals and send notifications well in advance of expiration dates to prevent service disruptions.
  • Monitor license usage patterns to:
    • identify underutilized licenses or instances where additional licenses might be necessary;
    • gain insights about how and when your customers are using licenses and product features to boost sales.

Improved Security and Compliance with Our Software Licence Management

  • Maintain a detailed audit trail of all license-related activities for compliance and accountability.
  • Enhance customer access with an identity-based licensing approach to provide secure role-based access and management for licensing data.
  • Prevent revenue leakage with real-time licensing and access control.

Enhanced Business Intelligence and Customer Experience

  • Empower your customers with self-service letting them request and manage licenses within predefined limits, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on license usage, costs, and trends to facilitate decision-making and budget planning.
  • Easily integrate with other finance and inventory systems.

Apart from traditional licensing models such as perpetual, subscription, term and floating licenses, we also provide solutions for use time and use count licenses, pre-paid and post-paid variants.

Define individual pricing and subscription schemes for your products and services with simple wizards. Without any tech skills or development input required.

Complex made Simple!

Do you bill 1,000+ line items and 100+ orders each month?

FAQs Software Licence Management

How does your software license management platform automate recurring billing?

Our platform simplifies recurring billing for subscription-based businesses, integrating seamlessly with various payment gateways and credit card processors. This automation enhances the customer experience by ensuring accurate and timely charges, crucial for maintaining a sustainable e-commerce business model. 

Can your license management system accommodate various B2B subscription models?

Yes, our versatile billing platform is designed to support a broad spectrum of subscription models, providing the flexibility needed for diverse ecommerce businesses. This adaptability ensures that we can meet the unique needs of B2B companies, enhancing customer satisfaction through personalized subscription management.

In what ways does your solution enhance subscription management for B2B companies?

Our solution streamlines subscription management from sign-up to renewal, making it easier for businesses to sustain recurring revenue and nurture long-term customer relationships. By automating and simplifying processes, we help B2B companies focus on growth while ensuring a high level of customer experience.

What payment methods are supported by your B2B ecommerce solution?

We offer a wide array of payment methods, including credit cards, payment gateways, and invoicing, to ensure smooth transactions for businesses and their clients. This flexibility supports a seamless transaction process, crucial for the success of e-commerce businesses in the B2B sector.

How does your platform handle real-time billing adjustments for B2B ecommerce?

Our platform is equipped with real-time billing adjustment capabilities, allowing businesses to swiftly adapt to changes in subscription terms or customer requests. This feature ensures billing accuracy and customer satisfaction, underpinning the reliability of our ecommerce license management solution.

What makes your subscription and billing management solution cost-effective for B2B ecommerce?

By automating and optimizing the billing and subscription processes, our platform reduces administrative overhead, making it a cost-effective solution for managing subscription-based revenue. This efficiency helps B2B e-commerce businesses reduce operational costs while maximizing revenue.

How does your B2B ecommerce license management platform ensure an exceptional customer experience?

We prioritize a seamless, data-driven customer experience, offering easy subscription management and flexible billing options. Our platform empowers clients with self-service capabilities, reducing administrative tasks and enhancing satisfaction and loyalty among B2B e-commerce customers.