B2B Order Management and Fulfillment

Automate configuration and delivery of orders across various product and service categories, adapting diverse billing models effortlessly with our order management and fulfillment platform.

Order Management

Unified Hub to Quote, Sell and Deliver Products
to Maximize Your Revenue with Ease

TotalOne simplifies and automates manual product and pricing configurations.
You dramatically slash the time, and resources required for pricing, quoting, order management, and fulfillment.
Empower your sales team with 
state-of-the-art customer self-service, automated product configuration, and in-time delivery.
Let them focus on customer relationships and margin protection, while we take care of optimizing efficiency and maximizing your revenue.

Maximum Transparency

Provide both your customers and sales team with real-time insights into every stage of the order process, from initial product selection through to final delivery, ensuring a seamless and accountable experience.

Hands-Free Sales

Automate the most time-consuming sales steps and allow your sales team to close deals much faster by minimizing manual involvement in offer creation, price calculations, quoting, order configuration, and delivery.

Increased Reliability

Facilitate sound and accurate quotes and orders. While providing customers the freedom of self-service, robust approvals workflows and budget limits ensure your utmost security and confidence.

Automated Fulfillment

Products and services are automatically configured and set for immediate or scheduled delivery the moment the customer hits the "Order" button.

Accelerate Your Quoting Process with Our Order Management and Fulfillment Solution

Revolutionize your B2B e-commerce strategy with TotalOne’s automated order management and fulfillment solution. Our sophisticated workflows seamlessly automate such vital processes as offer configuration, pricing, discounting, and quoting. Automatically generate quotes and get them directly sent to customers gathering all necessary approvals along the way. Swiftly adjust quotes in response to change requests without relying on external email communication.

Orders Provisioning

Elevate your e-commerce fulfillment process with TotalOne, designed to automate order provisioning for digital, cloud, and hybrid products and services. Our order management and fulfillment solution minimizes operational costs and optimizes delivery. 

Provision Orders with Automated Workflows

Provide a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience for the entire product and service catalog.
The moment the user clicks the “Order” button on the TotalOne platform, it triggers a cloud provisioning sequence that efficiently communicates the request to the distributor/vendor, leading to swift service delivery.
The advanced backend engine takes care of order fulfillment fully automatically. There is no need for manual processing, coding, or designing trigger-based workflows.
End-to-end order provisioning accommodates bundles, cross-sale, up-sale, discounts, diverse pricing plans and strategies as well as billing models and payment options.

Provide Customer Self-Service with Smart Back-Office

Unlock peak efficiency in order execution. Every Single Time.
TotalOne empowers you to effortlessly configure and manage a diverse array of products and services, whether from top-tier vendors or your own offerings. Whether it’s one-time purchases, usage-based services, seat-based plans, or cutting-edge physical items from industry giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Oracle, and more, TotalOne has you covered.
Your clients navigate a seamless and intuitive order process via the Marketplace, choosing the version that suits their needs. Thanks to our robust automation, even the most intricate solutions are provisioned, configured, and installed in mere seconds.
Provide your customers with immediate post-purchase access to their orders, enabling you to seamlessly sell, bill, and deliver software right from day one.

Speed up Order Delivery and Business Growth Using Integrations

Reinforce your fully automated B2B order management and fulfillment with seamless integrations. Whether it is a vendor platform, your internal ERP, inventory system, shipping, or financial solution, TotalOne effortlessly syncs with them all.
Through smart APIs, every purchase detail is seamlessly communicated to the right place at the perfect moment, ensuring flawless execution of customer orders. While each service follows individual provisioning logic tailored to vendor requirements, the customer journey remains consistently smooth and standardized.
Our TotalOne Platform integrations not only ensure a streamlined provisioning workflow but also create a unified hub for customer and vendor management, along with data synchronization.

Tailored Notifications to Enhanced User Experience

The TotalOne platform empowers you to tackle churn, boost product activation, and prompt subscription renewals through well-tailored and timely notifications designed for each occasion.

  • Effectively oversee customer notifications using a customized set of triggers.
  • Exercise control over the timing and logic to guarantee that each message reaches the intended audience precisely when needed.
  • Tailor messages for every occasion –  send purchase details, order status updates, or provide intelligent reminders.

Offer Configuration B2B Success

Craft Diverse Sales Configurations For Any Product and Billing Type

With our platform, creating product and service variants tailored to customer needs becomes effortless. From initial offer setup to pricing strategies and quote generation, TotalOne simplifies the sales process, accommodating usage-based, onetime, or recurring billing with ease. 

Consistent Pricing Across B2B Channels

Pinpoint Accurate Pricing Throughout Your Organization

Using TotalOne, you centralize your pricing rules to guarantee uniformity in margins and discounts across all customer interactions.
Effortlessly incorporate individual discounting and secure approvals whenever pricing stretches beyond established limits.

TotalOne Your One-Stop Solution For Sales Excellence!

Boost Sales Performance through End-to-End Automation

  • Product Recommendations and upgrades
    Supercharge performance with smart recommendations, add-ons, upsell opportunities, and seamless quoting – all conveniently consolidated in a single bill to maximize your deals.  
  • Customer Self-Service
    Empower customers to independently browse, customize their selections, and complete orders. It frees up significant time and resources for your sales team.
  • Centralized Sales Hub
    Effortlessly navigate the entire B2B sales process from TotalOne platform via the seamless, user-friendly interface. Ensure a guided and precise sales process, perfectly backed with comprehensive sales data analytics.
  • Seamless Integrations
    TotalOne can be smoothly incorporated into your existing infrastructure by integrating with any API or a legacy solution. It is an efficient way to fortify your SaaS portfolio and deliver vertical bundles.
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FAQ B2B Order Management and Fulfillment

How does TotalOne revolutionize B2B ecommerce order management and fulfillment?

TotalOne offers a unique blend of automation and flexibility, streamlining the entire order management process for B2B e-commerce. From automated product configurations and pricing to seamless delivery across various categories, TotalOne reduces manual intervention, enabling businesses to adapt diverse billing models effortlessly. This maximizes revenue and enhances customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility and reliability in order processing. 

What benefits does the automated quoting process in TotalOne provide?

TotalOne’s advanced automation capabilities extend to the quoting process, enabling businesses to automatically generate and adjust quotes with ease. This not only accelerates the sales cycle but also eliminates the need for external email communications for quote adjustments, ensuring a swift and efficient response to customer change requests. The result is a significant reduction in time and resources spent on sales operations, leading to increased efficiency. 

Can TotalOne handle complex product and service configurations?

Absolutely. TotalOne is designed to automate order provisioning and fulfillment for a wide range of products and services, including digital, cloud, and hybrid offerings as well as physical products from industry giants. This versatility ensures that businesses can cater to diverse customer needs without incurring additional operational costs, streamlining delivery and enhancing the customer purchasing experience.

What does TotalOne's customer self-service feature entail?

TotalOne empowers customers with a comprehensive self-service portal, allowing them to browse, customize, and complete orders at their convenience. This feature not only improves the customer experience by offering autonomy in the ordering process but also frees up valuable time and resources for sales teams, enabling them to focus on building relationships and strategic selling.

How does TotalOne ensure consistent pricing across an organization?

With TotalOne, businesses can centralize their pricing rules to maintain consistency in margins and discounts across all customer interactions. This centralized approach to pricing ensures that businesses can easily manage individual discounting while securing necessary approvals for any pricing adjustments, thereby maintaining pricing integrity and profitability. 

What types of integrations does TotalOne support?

TotalOne supports a wide range of integrations with vendor platforms, ERP systems, inventory management, shipping, and financial solutions through smart APIs. This ensures seamless communication of every purchase detail, facilitating flawless order execution and providing a unified platform for managing customer and vendor interactions, alongside comprehensive data synchronization.

In what ways does TotalOne enhance B2B sales performance?

TotalOne enhances B2B sales performance through comprehensive end-to-end automation, offering smart product recommendations, upsell opportunities, and seamless quoting. The platform also includes a centralized sales hub for streamlined process navigation, backed by detailed sales data analytics. Moreover, its integration capabilities with any API or legacy system enable businesses to fortify their SaaS portfolio and deliver comprehensive vertical solutions, thus supercharging sales performance and growth.