B2B eCommerce Solution

Revolutionize your business into a powerful and comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform.
Sell and manage an infinite range of multi-vendor Anything-as-a-Service offerings alongside your products and services.

B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform

Expand Your Business with TotalOne Intuitive B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform

As a centralized B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform, we enable businesses to flourish through a user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. Gain control over your product creation, order, and delivery, while offering your customers an extensive self-service portal for an enhanced shopping experience.
Our platform supports an array of offerings, from physical products and components to digital goods and services, all presented through your uniquely branded Marketplace.

Customizable Marketplace

Create a Personalized Marketplace that mirrors your brand’s identity, operating seamlessly on your chosen domain.

With TotalOne, effortlessly highlight your unique offerings from various vendors, including Cloud and SaaS products, across any sales channel.

Our B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform is perfect for Distributors, Direct and Indirect Resellers, or businesses specializing in proprietary solution sales and bundling, catering to an array of business models and needs.

Product and Price Management

Enhance supplier offers by creating your own products and product bundles, tailoring them with different features, services, and pricing strategies.

Craft dynamic Sales Price Lists and Product Catalogs effortlessly, tailored to specific customer segments, geographical areas, time periods, and sales channels. Whether building your offerings based on supplier products and services or crafting entirely custom creations with unique specifications, media, and pricing strategies, our system ensures a perfect execution.
All synchronizations and updates run automatically in the background, requiring no manual effort, and always keeping your offerings and pricing up-to-date.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Upgrade your order management game with fully automated order provisioning. Utilize inbound or 3rd-party services for seamless order delivery.
Save money and effort by only provisioning services on demand. Thanks to sophisticated automation your customers can enjoy fully operational solutions in seconds.

Customers can also steer the fulfillment process by choosing between an immediate or scheduled delivery, while you maintain full control using our robust approval workflows and rules.
Achieve a more cohesive business ecosystem by effortlessly integrating Total One’s solution with already existing delivery and warehouse solutions.


Enjoy the flexibility of automated billing settings, customizable invoice templates, and seamless integration with your accounting systems. TotalOne covers the most popular billing models such as recurring, one-time, licence-based or usage-based as well as any custom options that may be required. Customize and brand your invoice templates and schedule invoice sending. Smoothly integrate with your existing solutions, including payment gateways. With TotalOne, chaos-free billing with advanced analytics and notifications is at your fingertips.

Sales Analytics

Unlock valuable insights for your business through instant, customized analytics. Gain a comprehensive overview of sales revenue, profitability, subscription inventory, upcoming renewals, customer usage, and more. TotalOne provides real-time access to crucial KPIs and metrics, allowing in-depth analysis of your sales strategies from various perspectives and timeframes. Empower your customers with valuable business insights for their progress and development.

Features of TotalOne: A Premier B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform

  • Empowering Customer Self-Service for B2B E-commerce
    Empower customers by giving them control of their subscription, user, and device management, thereby minimizing your transaction costs, and ensuring a seamless b2b sales journey from start to finish.
  • Price Management for Diverse B2B Offerings
    Our B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform enables the crafting of pricing strategies, incorporating a variety of markups, margins, promotions, and additional charges for both supplier offerings and custom solutions.
  • Customized Customer Management for Enhanced B2B Relationships
    Our B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform offers tailored product catalogs and solutions designed for various B2B customer segments. This ensures that your product range and pricing align perfectly to meet customer needs.
  • Contract Management
    Our solution seamlessly integrates personalized subscription management and transaction processes into comprehensive legal agreements. This integration ensures that all transactions within your B2B e-commerce platform adhere to established terms.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Capabilities
    TotalOne’s e-commerce solution breaks down language and currency barriers, offering a truly global platform. With comprehensive internationalization services and the ability to set prices and issue invoices in multiple currencies, our platform is equipped to serve B2B businesses and customers worldwide.

  • Automated Approval Workflows
    Our B2B eCommerce Solution and Platform simplifies the management of approval limits and workflows, ensuring compliance and minimizing transaction delays. Making it easier to navigate the complexities of B2B e-commerce.
  • Robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) TotalOne prioritizes security and convenience with advanced IAM features, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). These features, combined with comprehensive auditing, ensure that user access is both secure and user-friendly, supporting a secure e-commerce solution.
  • Proactive Notifications for Timely Updates
    Keep all stakeholders informed in real-time with automated notifications about critical events, such as subscription expirations or order adjustments.

Unleash full potential by integrating TotalOne with your existing solutions

APIs for Custom Integration

TotalOne's API-first strategy enables direct interaction with our platform, offering unparalleled flexibility for custom integration. Adapt TotalOne seamlessly into your existing workflows for a more efficient b2b ecommerce environment.

Expansive TotalOne Integrations

With TotalOne, access limitless automation by integrating with any available low-code or no-code services. This adaptability ensures your b2b platform remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Webhooks for Tailored Responses

Employ TotalOne webhooks to automate custom actions in response to specific platform events, like updating CRM systems automatically when subscription details change, enhancing operational responsiveness and personalization.

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FAQs for TotalOne B2B Ecommerce Platform

How does TotalOne enhance the B2B ecommerce experience?

TotalOne revolutionizes the B2B e-commerce landscape by offering a user-friendly platform that simplifies product management, order processing, and delivery. Our platform empowers b2b sellers with extensive self-service capabilities, streamlining the shopping experience and facilitating seamless b2b sales. 

Can TotalOne integrate with my existing business systems?

Absolutely. TotalOne’s API-first approach ensures it can seamlessly integrate with your current systems and workflows, offering flexibility and enhancing your e-commerce solution with customizable logic and automated processes.

What kind of products can I sell on TotalOne?

TotalOne supports a wide range of offerings, from physical goods like components to digital services, all through a uniquely branded online store. This diversity allows B2B businesses to cater to various customer needs effectively. 

How does TotalOne handle different currencies and languages?

Our platform is designed for global commerce, offering multi-language and multi-currency support to ensure you can cater to B2B customers worldwide. This global reach is crucial for expanding your online shop into new markets.

What automation capabilities does TotalOne offer?

TotalOne provides limitless automation opportunities through integrations with low-code and no-code services, alongside dynamic webhooks for personalized actions. This automation extends your platform’s functionality, making B2B e-commerce operations more efficient. 

How secure is the TotalOne platform?

Security is a top priority for TotalOne, featuring robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). These measures ensure a secure and convenient user experience for b2b e-commerce platforms.

Can TotalOne support my pricing and billing needs?

TotalOne offers advanced price management and automated billing settings, supporting diverse billing models like subscription-based or one-time payments. This flexibility allows for tailored pricing strategies and seamless payment processing.