B2B Subscription and Billing Management

Streamline your B2B e-commerce with a system that simplifies subscription and billing management, boosting revenue with precision and ease.

Subscription and Billing Management

Enhance Cost Efficiency with Customer Self-Service

Grant Your Customers Greater Control Over Their Subscriptions –
Give your customers full autonomy in adding, suspending, or changing subscriptions while seamlessly managing consumption data, account details, and billing.

Our subscription and billing management platform empowers users to become their account managers, enhancing the e-commerce business model with a focus on customer experience and recurring payments. 

Renew or Cancel Subscriptions

Empower your clients with a possibility to effortlessly order, renew, suspend or cancel subscriptions at their convenience. This independence ensures clients can take the lead, fostering simplicity and delight in sales relationships.

Upgrade or Downgrade Subscriptions

Boost your bottom line by facilitating subscription upgrades. Enhance revenue streams by providing diverse pricing plans and seamlessly incorporating valuable services and add-ons into the customer journey.

Drive Down Customer Churn with Flexible Pricing and Billing Plans

Go beyond conventional pricing models with TotalOne’s adaptable Pricing Strategies and Billing Plans.
Introduce a variety of revenue structures (consumption-based, fixed, volume, tiered,  etc.) and billing frequencies to harmonize your pricing strategies with customer consumption patterns, value-as-a-service offerings, and the ever-changing dynamics of subscription-based business demands.

Upselling and Bundling

Boost Your Offer Catalog’s Appeal with Intelligent Bundling!

Maximize revenue potential with our strategic upselling and cross-selling. Elevate customer lifetime value with appealing upsell solutions and recommended add-ons. Tailor unique product bundles ( with a possibility to combine digital products, services and physical goods) for an unparalleled customer experience.

Trials and Promotions

Engage Clients with Exclusive Trials and Discounts!

Easily customize pricing promotions and trials directly on the platform.

You can set up various types of discounts – whether it is a one-time offer, an ongoing benefit, or limited-time savings within specific periods.
Craft personalized pricing offers within product catalogs to engage specific customer segments.

Simplify the client’s order decision with a seamless free trial, enabling prospects to experience your solutions and become engaged paying customers.

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Logs and History

Extend your customer relationships well beyond the onboarding phase!

With TotalOne, you and your customers can seamlessly navigate through subscription changes at every stage: renewals, plan adjustments, personalized pricing, and exclusive promotions.

Thanks to the intuitive centralized interface and highest automation degree complex subscription management tasks become simple and transparent.

Every subscription activity is tracked, logged, leaving no detail overlooked.

Reduce Human Involvement in Transactional Communications

Build Personalized Connections:
Automate and brand emails and notifications for seamless customer engagement.

At every stage of the customer journey, TotalOne delivers system-generated transactional emails on your behalf. Fully customized and in line with your brand identity.

  • Welcome email for a new client
  • End-of-trial reminder
  • Status-update notifications about subscription upgrades, downgrades, or cancelations. 
  • Renewal alert
  • Receipt email
  • Post-order email (order processed and approved)
  • Custom email types

Contract Management

Simplify Agreement Handling and Procurement

Navigate the complexities of contract management effortlessly with TotalOne cloud platform. Our tailored solution streamlines the administration work with contracts and agreements.

Contracts define fundamental conditions between buyer and seller. They expedite new order processing by attaching them to already existing agreements, creating a swift and efficient workflow.

You can easily set up configurable rules to define which offers, solutions, vendors, currencies, etc., are accessible to specific resellers and end customers.

Subscription and Billing Management

Handle Billing Complexity of Various Pricing Models across Ordering, Provisioning, Invoicing, and Reconciliation.

Transform your product catalog into a dynamic engine for sustainable business growth, offering adaptable Billing Plans and Pricing Structures.
Embrace advanced billing models and frequencies:

  • fixed recurring
  • one-time
  • seat-based
  • usage-based consumption
  • hybrid

— all managed seamlessly from a unified TotalOne platform.

The success of any subscription-based business relies on smart subscription management – from initial customer inquiry to subscription renewal. This encompasses prospect-seeking information, automatic subscription configuration upon order, and payment collection.
TotalOne seamlessly supports subscription management at every stage, effortlessly integrating with your existing solutions such as ERP, CRM, Accounting systems, etc.

Seamless Subscription Management is Vital for Subscription-based Business

Smart Payments with Ease

Thanks to the fully automated TotalOne’s Billing module, you can easily handle recurring payments and integrate with a payment gateway of your choice. Purchase data are processed directly from the platform via an API connection between TotalOne and transaction systems.
You can manage payment transactions effortlessly using preferred payment microservices or recurring invoices.


Simplify customer decision-making with multi-currency transactions. The platform handles:

  • Displaying prices in the customer’s local currency
  • Showing prices in multiple currencies
  • Applying exchange rate markups
  • Facilitating real-time currency conversions
  • Managing country-specific sales taxes

All with the flexibility to utilize internal or integrated solutions.

Analytics Dashboard

TotalOne Analytics Dashboard provides a deep insight into customer purchasing patterns, churn rates, billing and revenue statuses.
Streamline your decision-making process by accessing key business metrics comprehensively.

Subscription Management, Billing and Reporting

Enhance precision and efficiency with our subscription and billing management through TotalOne’s Billing Module.
Our platform enables you to seamlessly generate and dispatch recurring invoices by integrating with your existing finance system.

Revenue Collection: Easy and Reliable Like Never Before!

  • Invoice Customization
    TotalOne generates customized invoices with your layout and logo. We ensure your invoices comply with global tax regulations and incorporate pre-calculated local Sales taxes.
  • Reminders
    Automated reminders are sent to your customers based on your rules. It guarantees prompt action on unpaid transactions.
  • Accounts Receivable Report
    Monitor outstanding invoices across all accounts with our detailed collectibles report. It facilitates effective dunning and ensures accurate revenue collection.

TotalOne always supports you in maintaining financial integrity and fostering a robust billing process.

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Subscription and Billing Management FAQ

How does TotalOne streamline recurring billing for B2B e-commerce subscriptions?

TotalOne automates the entire recurring billing process, offering precise, timely charges for subscription services. Our platform integrates with a wide array of payment gateways and supports various credit card processors, simplifying payment processing and significantly enhancing the customer experience within the B2B e-commerce space.

Can TotalOne accommodate diverse subscription models?

Absolutely. Designed to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses, TotalOne’s billing platform supports an extensive range of subscription models. Our flexible management tools are tailored to adapt seamlessly to your unique business requirements, ensuring efficient subscription and billing management.

How does TotalOne enhance subscription management for B2B enterprises?

Our advanced subscription management tools are engineered to simplify the entire lifecycle, from sign-up through to renewal or cancellation. This streamlines operation, aids in sustaining recurring revenue, and fosters the development of enduring customer relationships, crucial for B2B companies.

What range of payment methods does TotalOne support?

TotalOne supports an expansive variety of payment methods, including but not limited to credit cards, multiple payment gateways, and invoicing systems. This flexibility ensures a frictionless transaction process for businesses and their clients, accommodating diverse billing preferences.

Is TotalOne equipped for real-time billing adjustments?

Yes, TotalOne boasts real-time billing adjustment capabilities, enabling businesses to quickly adapt to subscription changes or customer requests. This ensures billing accuracy and enhances customer satisfaction by providing a responsive and adaptable billing system.

How does TotalOne provide cost-effective management of subscriptions and billing?

By leveraging automation and optimizing both billing and subscription processes, TotalOne minimizes administrative burdens. This efficiency translates into a cost-effective approach for managing subscription-based models, reducing operational costs while maximizing revenue.

What sets TotalOne's customer experience apart in subscription management?

TotalOne prioritizes a seamless, data-driven customer experience, from effortless subscription management to flexible billing options. Our platform is designed to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, distinguishing our subscription and billing management solution in the competitive B2B e-commerce market.