Total One Microsoft Partner Benefits

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Delivery as a Service – a new opportunity for Microsoft Partners

Total One is a gamechanger for Microsoft Integration and Hosting Partners, providing a simple, resource-light solution to the challenge of delivering complex IT projects to SME customers in a logical, timely and cost-effective way, at the same time strengthening their relationship with Microsoft.

Uniquely, the Total One system enables a bespoke package of products and services to be delivered in just a few clicks – in-cloud, on-premise or mixed in a hybrid configuration. Partners are free to hand-pick individual elements from a selection of over 200 Microsoft products and aggregate them into a tailored suite that perfectly matches each customer’s requirements.

Crucially, the Delivery as a Service model creates a completely scalable protocol for solutions that would usually take many months of consultancy and build time, instead delivering them to the customer’s desk in minutes. Customers get speedy implementation and partners secure a contract there and then – not months, or even years, down the line.

Transforming CapEx to Opex in a few simple steps

One of the big wins for Microsoft Partners is the holy grail of recurring revenue. Because Total.One’s fully automated solution operates on a pay-per-use system, it flips earnings instantly from a CapEx to Opex model, lowering the cost of entry, creating stronger business ties and offering the opportunity for long-term partnering.

Partners can operate and manage customers’ servers and services from a single web console. The dashboard provides a complete overview, independent of the technologies on which services run – or even where servers are located. In-depth performance analytics are easy to access.

In the same way, customers can be confident they will always have access to the products and services they need, on an affordable subscription basis, with the reassurance that their solution will be implemented according to Microsoft best practices.

The deal is sealed with Total One’s agile delivery

Partners can choose from hundreds of public cloud data centres, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, or can work with customers’ private data centres or those of a trusted host.

Integrating products like Office 365 products or Azure is simple, as is specifying and fine-tuning a service package that’s different for every customer. With Total One, partners can define their own digital value chain. The technical details of the configuration become an irrelevance, with turnkey solutions delivery assured.

Total One’s scalability also means that expanding delivery to more users (up to 2,500), across different services, multiple locations and countries or extending the service selection with additional options is swift and simple. It’s an elegant solution for businesses with finite resources who crave the speedy deployment of complex systems. It’s also a fool proof approach for partners who are committed to delivering quality Microsoft products and services with great professionalism, regardless of the size of their team – and without relying on the skills of a few dedicated consultants.

A secure delivery platform that’s tailored to customers’ needs

Total One facilitates the separation of business and technical functions by assigning and delegating tasks according to role and responsibility. Each customer occupies a separate silo and the platform’s architecture guarantees that features are managed exclusively and independently by the partner and customer, with user privileges tailored to suit.

Credentials are securely stored in a customer’s individual active directory and key vault with encrypted communication and Advanced Threat Analytics monitoring ability. All transactions are fully auditable.
Total One relies on market-leading technologies from Microsoft, employing AzureAD with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, offering the advantages of shared services, without compromising individual security.

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