Revenue Opportunities for Microsoft Partners

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Delivery as a Service creates a risk-free revenue opportunity

Total One’s fully automated Delivery as a Service model is designed for Microsoft Partners looking to supply customers with customisable IT, licence and business solutions. It enables the swift delivery of multiple, scalable IT solutions with no upfront investment and with the added prospect of tapping into a valuable recurring revenue stream.

Microsoft Partners are free to manage the client, not the process

Total One facilitates the delivery of a fully functional active directory for up to 2,500 users on a single site or in multiple locations on more than 60 different server types. Partners can specify and aggregate the components they need for each client – from over 200 Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure – delivering a complete, replicable solution with quality and speed. No more costly delays or endless months waiting for projects to be approved.

An automated service from A to Z

Total One supports the full business and technical process from sales through licensing to invoicing. Easy-to-use wizards reflect customised pricing options on a per order‑, per item- or consumption-based model. Contract examples are provided for 16 currencies in 50 countries to manage invoicing, VAT and sales-tax, with different categories and sales conditions applied to each customer, all using simple tools – no development skills required.

Product and price management

Automated customer invoicing

In-cloud, on-premise, hybrid, hosted, private

Total One makes easy work of delivering fully automated complex hybrid clouds, using private and cloud technologies. Full automation of data centres, servers, firewalls, databases, messaging and applications is supported, in-cloud, on-premise and in hybrid configurations over private and hosted networks alike. Choose from hundreds of data centres or publish your own data centre for internal use or to resell on the global market.

Example of a hybrid customer cloud with Azure and Microsoft Office 365

Contact us today to discover how you can increase your revenue:

  • by delivering IT, licence and business solutions quickly and efficiently
  • by focusing your resources on managing your clients’ evolving needs
  • and benefit from valuable recurring revenues for years to come

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