February Release to Cloud

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Maximum comfort for your IT

Total One, leader in Microsoft ITaaS – IT as a Service, sets new benchmark in Microsoft infrastructure management comfort with new February release.

You select the Microsoft product and service you want to use, we take care of the rest.

  • Perfect control and management of your Microsoft licenses
  • Build your own Microsoft cloud in 5 minutes
  • Integration of GoDaddy public certificates

New February release of Total One published to Cloud

After intensive weeks of integration and testing, we are pleased to announce our latest release.

Our February release is primarily focused on usability and performance of our platform. With the valuable feedback from our customers and partners we have been able to further enhance the user experience and are able to offer to our customers a unique advantage in simplicity and ease of use in your daily work.

See our improvements:

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 license management and administration

Software management and software license management are nobody’s favorite tasks and are usually perceived as a burden.

With our constant drive to make IT simpler and better, we found a way to make your life much better.

See how simple and elegant it can be to manage your licenses and users:

  • Enhanced simplicity when assigning licenses to users
  • Simplified administration of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions
  • Refresh of the user interface to simplify and speed up processes
  • Simplified self-service management for customers and partners
  • Simplified CSP Microsoft Partner billing and customer management

You will love software license management! 

Microsoft Cloud Management

Look at our improvements for Microsoft Cloud Management. Microsoft has already significantly improved IT. See how Total One enhances your IT comfort.

Build your own Microsoft cloud in a few minutes, completely turnkey, with exactly the features your business needs at the time and moment you need it.

Use your own cloud within minutes, wherever you need it.

Total One – Love IT!

Fully Automated Certificate Management with GoDaddy

Integration of GoDaddy public certificates.
GoDaddy as a leading manufacturer of IT security enhancements https://www.godaddy.com/

All GoDaddy’s certificate options are now supported in our latest February release.
This integration allows even less coordination for the configuration and management of public certificates.

Total One – Love IT!

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