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Powerful automated IT delivery at your fingertips

Total One takes a unique approach to delivering IT solutions, by providing a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-manage, automated system that can be tailored to suit the needs of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers with 5 to 2,500 users.

Our fully automated IT, licence and business solutions, including Microsoft CSP partner automation,  enable established Microsoft Integration and Hosting Partners to switch from traditional, resource-intensive delivery projects to a subscription-based model that offers smooth and scalable business integration, while creating significant and profitable recurring revenue streams.

Total One supports Microsoft technologies, including Office 365 and Azure, as well as Oracle, AWS and Cisco.

A new way for Microsoft Partners to serve customers and add value

Total One turns complex IT delivery projects into swift, flexible and cost-effective packages that can be quickly initiated and installed, whether in-cloud, on-premise or as part of a hybrid configuration.

The easy-to-use wizard enables selection from more than 200 products from Microsoft and other providers, allowing partners to create a bespoke service package that perfectly matches their customers’ business profile and system requirements. This fully automated turnkey IT solution employs a pay-per-use model, transforming CapEx into OpEex at a single stroke with no upfront licensing.

Total.One’s packages accommodate very small businesses and large international deliveries alike, enabling the delivery of complex-system architectures – which would otherwise take months to build – in a matter of minutes. There are no regional boundaries and the product scales globally.

Total One automates every detail from delivery to pricing and invoicing

The Total One solution allows partners to deliver a suite of services on a single site or to multiple locations – all operated and managed from a web console that offers a complete customer overview, as well as in-depth performance analytics and audit capabilities. All credentials are securely stored, communications encrypted and transactions monitored using Advanced Threat Analytics.

Partners can set their own sales price and discount model, as well as stipulate currencies, regional availability and payment terms. The platform even enables partners to offer their products and services for resale to others within the network. The complete sales cycle including order management and invoicing is fully automated.

Total One provides multi-national and multi-currency contract examples and takes care of cross-border invoicing, VAT, sales-tax, payment terms and language support for over 16 currencies in 50 countries.

Creating your own digital value chain

Total One enables the creation of a new digital value chain, whereby partners and their customers can respond swiftly to new business demands and technology requirements via the most flexible of delivery platforms.

With Total One you can deliver fully automated complex hybrid clouds in a few clicks, using traditional private – as well as the latest cloud – technologies. We provide full automation of datacenters, servers, firewalls, databases, messaging and applications, in-cloud, on-premise and in hybrid configurations over private and hosted networks alike.

There’s nothing in the world like Total.One’s Delivery as a Service model. It frees up resources, allowing partners to focus on servicing the needs of their customers without having to worry about the complexities of delivery, safe in the knowledge that products and services will always be implemented according to Microsoft best practices in an automated sequence that helps to keep the transaction simple and profitable.

Wherever, whenever, forever.

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