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B2B eCommerce platform to empower your global growth

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Elevate your B2b game with TotalOne!

Swiss-made cloud platform where complex business processes become simple, swift, and spot-on.


Good news! No technical expertise is required to configure or operate the app. Using Swiss design principles we merged power and elegance to create the intuitive interface and pure simplicity of functionality. Just onboard and enjoy!


Our B2B eCommerce platform handles vast volumes of complex product data in fraction of a second. Faster than any other commerce cloud solution. We strive to continuously improve speed and processing capabilities to guarantee you an exceptional experience.


Absolute precision is part of the TotalOne Swiss DNA. Our B2B eCommerce Platform eliminates the chance of errors by minimizing manual inputs and integrating self-analyzing, continuous learning processes.

Experience the Ultimate Powerhouse of our end-to-end B2B eCommerce Platform

What sets our B2B eCommerce Platform apart?

  • Personalized Self-Service Online Marketplace
    Our white-label ecommerce is ideal for multi-tenant access for Distributors, Resellers, and end customers.

  • Easy Setup and Intuitive Design
    Unparalleled automation and intelligent optimization made complex processes user-friendly: product catalog update, product import, and provisioning are just a click away. No development needed

  • Ultimate Offers Flexibility
    Combine multiple supplier offers and pricing units.
    Mix and match: metered usage or seat-based subscriptions, once-off licenses, physical items, maintenance services, etc., and include offer promotions, bundles and discounts – All within a single offer!

  • Integrations and Data Analysis
    No need to replace what you already have.
    Control costs, optimize upselling and product mix, and grow sales through powerful reporting and seamless integration with existing financial and business management systems.
B2B eCommerce Platform

Where Performance Meets Perfection

We are proud to offer you an exceptional performance that sets a new standard.
Swift loading times, seamless navigation, lighting-fast processing of large volumes of data.
Your experience – nothing short of extraordinary. 

Unlock Your Business Potential

Effortlessly create, sale, manage and bill high densities of Digital, Cloud-based Offers and Services
 as well as Physical Products and Components
Expand your business opportunities and market reach with our B2B eCommerce Platform!

Architecture of Efficiency

  • Api-First
  • Headless
  • Component-based

Ensures agile, personalized and feature-rich user experience. Accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.

Zero disruption to your existing solutions
Zero complex development input

B2B eCommerce Integrations

TotalOne seamessly integrates with any commercially available business ecosystem
*without the need for complex development effort

All product names, brands, logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners

Our B2B eCommerce Platform is the perfect solution if your business:

  • Offers a wide mix of types of products and services, including digital products, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), usage-based subscriptions, time-based licenses, customer service plans, as well as physical products and their components.
  • Trades with thousands of ever-changing products and services from many suppliers, as well as your custom offerings.
  • Involves Distributors and Resellers, Retail customers, and End users all at once.
  • Has an integrated, tiered procurement and order process workflow with specific approvals and budget limits.

Our B2B eCommerce Platform Delivers Exceptional Efficiency.

We believe that business solutions should be as enjoyable as they are functional.

  • Central, user-friendly interface where you can operate and maintain every facet of your anything-as-a-service business configuration while giving your customers the opportunity to experience a high level of independence with simple self-service.
  • Unparalleled responsiveness. Whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, enjoy the same intricate business features and a smooth experience.
  • Unlike many conventional business apps, our B2B eCommerce Platform just looks stunning!

Our Key Clients

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes.
That’s why our offerings are as diverse as the businesses we serve.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers
Microsoft CSP Direct Resellers, Indirect Resellers and Distributors

IT Service Providers
Vendors, Distributors and Resellers of digital and physical products and services. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) dealing with Microsoft Office, Azure, IBM, Amazon (AWS), Google, Adobe, Oracle, Cisco, etc. Independent Software Vendors  (ISVs).

Utility and Municipal Service Providers
Water, Electricity and Gas Supplies. Municipal Service Suppliers: recycling, telecom, internet, vehicle licenses, business operating licenses, etc.

Telecoms and Digital Entertainment Providers
Voice and data telecommunications Providers and their vendors, Online media streaming and subscription services

Industrial Companies
Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle component manufacturers, Industrial and mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers,

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Complex made Simple!

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