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Privacy & cookies

Data protec­tion provisions

Total One is fully commit­ted to the protec­tion and secur­ity of Client Data.

All person­al data is processed in accord­ance with the Data Protec­tion Technic­al and Organ­iz­a­tion­al Measures. All business processes are carried out inter­na­tion­ally in central­ized service-centers and data processing systems for the purpose of reducing costs. Steps that involve data processing outside of the European Union are notified to the Clients.

Permis­sion to collect and save data can be revoked at any time, but not retroactively.

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Questions and answers on data protection

Is Client sensit­ive data protec­ted during trans­mis­sion to Total One?

Our websites to which you trans­mit sensit­ive or person­al data are secured against third-party access by secure socket layer (SSL) encryp­tion techno­logy. As a result: Yes Client data is protec­ted. However, on the inter­net, however, it is gener­ally impossible to guaran­tee the complete­ness, confid­en­ti­al­ity and secur­ity of data, accord­ingly Total One rejects any liability:

  • for the secur­ity of your data during trans­mis­sion over the internet;
  • in the event that a third party changes, inspects, accepts, uses or sells the data that you or Total One entered;
  • for malfunc­tions in the inter­net, impor­ted data of any kind (infec­tion by a virus, etc.), and in connec­tion with links from and to other websites.

When you access Total One websites, you agree with the above conditions.

Does Total One store data about Clients behaviour?

Inform­a­tion about website use is saved automat­ic­ally on the Total One and other web servers. Total One analyses this inform­a­tion anonym­ously and without refer­ence to the IP address (the address of Clients computer) in order to optim­ize the Total One website.

Cookies, does Total One use them?

When a Client visits the Total One websites, cookies are stored on the Clients computer corres­pond­ing to the areas the Client visits. However, these cookies contain no person­al data and are deleted automat­ic­ally after 90 days. A new cookie will be placed every time you visit our website. Inform­a­tion in exist­ing cookies will be updated.

Cookies, what are they?

Cookies are small text files in which the Party offer­ing the inter­net page saves relev­ant data so as to facil­it­ate and improve surfing on the website. Other websites cannot read the relev­ant cookie. Total One does not save any person­al data such as names and addresses, etc., in its cookies.

Cookies, why are they used?

Cookies enable website operat­ors to address their visit­ors more select­ively and present individu­al offer­ings to them. Using cookies makes websites more user-friendly. For example, cookies allow automated logins or storage of language settings.


Cookie and data protec­tion provi­sions for the Google advert­ising applic­a­tions Google Adwords and Google Analytics

This descrip­tion applies to the services of Google Inc. (herein­after "Google") which relate solely to the publicly access­ible area of the Total One websites.

Google also uses cookies, which are text files that are saved on your computer in order to analyse Clients use of the websites. The inform­a­tion gener­ated by a cookie about the way Clients use the Total One websites (includ­ing Clients IP address) is trans­mit­ted to and saved on a Google server in the US. Google is registered as a certi­fied Safe Harbor company with the United States Depart­ment of Commerce.

Google uses the follow­ing inform­a­tion to analyse how Clients use the website, to compile reports about website activ­it­ies for Total One, and to provide other services in connec­tion with inter­net use.

  • IP address
  • The pages that were visited and their order (a track­ing cookie may be installed)
  • The operat­ing system and browser being used
  • Date and time when the page was visited
  • Address of the previ­ous website if a direct link on it led you to the current site.

Google may trans­fer this inform­a­tion to third parties, provided that doing so is prescribed by law or if Google contracts a third party to process the data.

Third-party providers, includ­ing Google, can activ­ate ads on websites and use the cookies that are stored in order to activ­ate ads on the basis of the user's prior visits to the site.

Under no circum­stances will Google associ­ate Clients IP address with other data in its posses­sion. Permis­sion to collect and save data can be revoked at any time, but not retro­act­ively. Most inter­net browsers allow our Clients to deactiv­ate cookies (see the instruc­tions in your browser). However, that deactiv­at­ing cookies may restrict some of the functions of the Total One websites.

By using Total One website Clients agree to allow Google to process the data that has been collec­ted about the relev­ant Client in the ways and means and for the purpose described above.