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Microsoft CSP

Your Microsoft CSP Partner automa­tion solution live in 1 day.

At Total One, our goal is to automate and simpli­fy most of the current applic­a­tions and complex processes in the Microsoft CSP program. With features such as fully automated product and price updates for Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Azure, we'll perman­ently reduce your CSP processing and admin­is­tra­tion overhead and give you flexib­il­ity in alloc­at­ing your resources.


Total One offers you the follow­ing highlights:

Self Service user and license manage­ment for SME custom­ers and partners

Our revolu­tion­ary and as-simple-as-it-can-be techno­logy allows you to comfort­ably manage your clients from one portal. With Total One, your custom­ers and users can easily manage themselves. This saves you valuable time and measur­ably increases user and custom­er satis­fac­tion. As a partner and custom­er, you can conveni­ently manage, order, update and change your licenses via our platform. Keep your costs trans­par­ent and use our comfort inter­face. Exper­i­ence B2B techno­logy with B2C conveni­ence and ease of use.

Manage, organ­ize, update, and modify the follow­ing Microsoft CSP product lines through Total One:

  • All Office 365 plans and individu­al products
  • Secure Product­ive Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enter­prise E3 and E5
  • Microsoft Dynam­ics CRM Online
  • Microsoft Azure

Microsoft CSP automa­tion includ­ing Zero Touch Administration.

Our Microsoft CSP platform is avail­able to you as a SaaS – software-as-a-service – solution. With minim­al effort, we enable you to be online with your CSP offer­ings and other offers within a working day. We connect your CSP portal with just a few clicks and in just a few moments.
You do not require mainten­ance, as it is completely executed by Total One.

With Total One, as a success­ful Microsoft partner, you can focus on gaining and selling to new custom­ers without neglect­ing your exisit­ing custom­er base!

Microsoft CSP partner onboarding

Microsoft CSP partner onboarding

CSP Billing and CSP Reporting

We focus on optim­iz­ing the time-consum­ing CSP billing and CSP report­ing. With Total One we offer fully automat­ic monthly updates for Microsoft CSP products and CSP prices with one click. This will always provide you a fully automat­ic monthly accur­ate CSP billing per custom­er as well as fully automat­ic CSP reports. Automated handling of chargebacks for Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure goes without saying.
We support flexible pricing and flexible payment terms such as assign­ing discounts or time-limited offers and promo­tions. These are displayed immedi­ately and processed automatically.
This will reduce your monthly CSP processing and CSP admin­is­tra­tion work to approx­im­ately 4 hours per month.

If you are inter­na­tion­ally orient­ated and your custom­ers come from differ­ent countries, you benefit from the automated calcu­la­tion of inter­na­tion­al VAT, VAT and HST Harmon­ized Sales Tax. We support 16 curren­cies in 25 countries.
To simpli­fy integ­ra­tion with your exist­ing account­ing system, we provide a REST API inter­face for connect­ing with third-party ERP systems.

Incoming CSP Invoices from Microsoft

Incom­ing CSP Invoices from Microsoft

License manage­ment for Microsoft CSP program

Benefit from the advant­ages of our self-service function in our user and license manage­ment for partners and custom­ers. With the Total One Portal, you and your custom­ers can easily manage, order, update and change licenses.
We support single sign-on with the Microsoft Corpor­ate & School accounts for you and your custom­ers. Total One’s user manage­ment includes both, in-cloud and feder­ated custom­ers. Our system displays all contract periods, supports monthly and annual subscrip­tions, as well as CSP subscrip­tion add-ons and CSP subscrip­tion trials. This allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to the individu­al econom­ic require­ments of your customers.
Total One creates struc­ture and clarity through its CSP automa­tion system.

Microsoft CSP license overview

Microsoft CSP license overview

Sales Support

See our brand-new Support Chat module. Our module enables your Sales organ­isa­tion to act and inter­act live with custom­ers and assist them to navig­ate the portal and purchas­ing services.

Custom­er Service

We integ­rate support requests into your Support system, giving custom­ers an award winning usage experience.

  • Benefit as a CSP partner from the possib­il­it­ies offered by Total One.
  • As a cloud solution provider from Microsoft, you can massively increase your reven­ues through Total One.
  • With Total One all Microsoft CSP partners are able to serve their custom­ers faster and better.

About the Microsoft CSP program:

The CSP program, with its cloud market­place, provides you, the savvy CSP partner, with a wide range of options to market and comple­ment Microsoft cloud services in combin­a­tion with your own solutions. In Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program you are the central point of contact for your custom­ers and you are their focus point. One main advant­age, with the CSP program you decide which Microsoft CSP services to offer to your custom­ers and new prospects. Provide unmod­i­fied state of the art cloud services or market individu­al designed addition­al offer­ings. The program offers the poten­tial of regular up-selling to exist­ing or new poten­tial custom­er groups. The Microsoft program provides you, as a CSP partner, with many benefits, especially through the way the program was designed, with flexible admin­is­tra­tion, billing, and there­fore the ability to substan­cially scale your business. For your custom­ers you are the main point of contact and you can position yourself as a trusted advisor for all current and future IT require­ments. This is an advant­age, as it under­lines your compet­ence, but at the same time it requires a heavy workload, which limits the number of custom­ers you can care for in a high, profes­sion­al quality. Total One can help you here. Contact us today.