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Total One stands for a fully automated IT deliv­ery of any Microsoft product.

  • Total One provides a tailored IT infra­struc­ture for your business. Required software and IT infra­struc­ture per click.
  • Total One gives you the power to imple­ment out-of-the-box Microsoft packages, so called Custom­er Clouds, especially Microsoft cloud services.

Total One offers compan­ies right now the unique oppor­tun­ity to quickly and easily source their complete IT needs through complete automa­tion. Our focus is on small, medium-sized compan­ies as well as SMEs with up to 2500 active workplaces. Total One is the first cloud-based vendor to simpli­fy the deploy­ment and mainten­ance of all of Microsoft's current avail­able products through state-of-the-art automa­tion. We have set ourselves the goal of provid­ing our custom­ers with the software neces­sary for their business processes without the help of expens­ive IT service providers. We define this service, which is fully automated, as IT-Deliv­ery. You can obtain the software licenses you require via our platform. With our advanced billing system, you can tailor the deliv­ery and use of your required products to your project timelines due to our pay-per-use model. This provides you with a high level of protec­tion and the possib­il­ity of finan­cial planning, which is an unbeat­able advant­age especially with the frequently used Microsoft 365 and gener­ally Microsoft Cloud Services. Total One is currently the only company in the world to offer you the ability to book quickly and easily the software and IT services you need, from the pool of all currently avail­able Microsoft – Oracle – AWS – Cisco products. This way, you adapt the usage times for your IT require­ments to your respect­ive projects which offers you a high degree of secur­ity and flexib­il­ity. Services can be quickly booked and settled as needed. There is no cost trap and high fixed costs due to unused IT perform­ance.

Total One has fully automated licens­ing for your custom­ers, greatly improv­ing the often confus­ing license manage­ment process. We support Microsoft CSP Automa­tion for  Tier 1 and Tier 2, SPLA and tradi­tion­al software contracts.

  • One's automated IT deliv­ery is a disrupt­ive techno­logy:
    IT-deliv­ery as a Service
  • We deliv­er server – cloud services – in cloud – on premise – hybrid – hosted.
  • We deliv­er licences.
  • We deliv­er business automa­tion.
  • Global access.
  • Complete invoice automa­tion:
    Total One is a pioneer in the market, offer­ing a revolu­tion­ary billing system. Thus, any costs incurred are displayed without time delay, in a simple and easy to under­stand way. For a data exchange with tax law firms and consult­ants, this system currently offers the highest possible trans­par­ency and secur­ity.


It starts with the setup of Total One. Our onboard­ing to the Total One system is easy and uncom­plic­ated for our custom­ers. Our platform guides you through the setup process and explains the neces­sary steps. Depend­ing on the require­ments of your employ­ees and your company, you can choose the most suitable and optim­ally tailored config­ur­a­tions for your business. There are sever­al ready-to-use automated product and service deliv­er­ies avail­able. Suppor­ted techno­lo­gies come from Microsoft – Oracle – AWS – Cisco.

The setup of Total​.One was designed so that even people without IT background can find their way quickly and easily without technic­al support. Thus, we are ideal for any company, be it with or without its own IT depart­ment. When setting up the company account, the setup steps are explained in detail. Unlike most systems on the market, this happens without time delay. The service you ordered is immedi­ately avail­able. During setup, the system proposes products and provides recom­mend­a­tions that are relev­ant to your business so that you only book the products that are neces­sary for the size and needs of your business.

Once set up, you can now easily buy our partners' software per click and share it with users in your organ­iz­a­tion. Our system provides you with the deploy­ment, integ­ra­tion and neces­sary updat­ing of your IT infra­struc­ture. Thereby we contrib­ute to a high degree of automa­tion of your IT business processes.

The provided system integ­rates perfectly into your every­day life and offers exactly the software and support you need. You only need to define where and on which devices this should be released. This way you have a high degree of control and flexib­il­ity and you release your special­ists for import­ant tasks in your company.

The benefits for your business are obvious.

  • 90% time reduc­tion. Reduce your IT deliv­ery time by 90%.
  • 80% cost reduc­tion. Reduce your IT deliv­ery costs by 80%
  • Scale. Scale your business regard­less of the avail­ab­il­ity of your IT experts.
  • Global Reach. Obtain the software and IT services required for your current projects world­wide.
  • Automated deploy­ment and config­ur­a­tion.
  • Total One deliv­ers complex IT projects and services in just a few clicks. In-Cloud – on-premise – hybrid – hosted.
  • User Manage­ment. Manage and deleg­ate technic­al and business role permis­sions. In-Cloud – on premise – hybrid – hosted.
  • Secur­ity and permis­sions. Total One works end-to-end encryp­ted, relying on market-leading authen­tic­a­tion techno­lo­gies.
  • Deploy a hybrid cloud in just a few clicks with Office 365, Azure, and the local Active Direct­ory.
  • We offer fully automated over 60 tradi­tion­al server-based services. In-Cloud – on premise – hybrid – hosted – Private
  • Cloud services. We offer fully automated cloud services from Microsoft – Amazon – Oracle
  • Virtu­al Data Centers. Use any data center for your custom­er projects: Azure – AWS – Oracle – Hosted – Private.
  • Contracts and subscrip­tions. Define and manage your terms and condi­tions in just a few clicks. Multi countries and multi languges are suppor­ted.

A special advant­age is the fully automated billing and invoicing via Microsoft Billing. Total One offers fully automated order­ing, billing and invoicing. Compan­ies with differ­ent software licenses often face the problem of an opaque and diffi­cult to under­stand billing. Especially in cases where licences with a relat­ively short service life have to be purchased with a subscrip­tion for a longer period of time. Often there is a large number of bills from differ­ent service providers. Total One offers with so-called account­ing access a simple way for tax firms / consult­ants, as well as in-house bookkeep­ing, to track costs and to assign appro­pri­ately. This innov­at­ive system signi­fic­antly reduces working hours and frees up resources. The individu­al invoices can be viewed world­wide for service months and downloaded as PDF files.


Total One offers you today all the functions for an automated deploy­ment of your IT require­ments.

  • With the services of Total One you optim­ize your IT infra­struc­ture.
  • The prices of Total​.One are based on the individu­al require­ments of your company.

A smooth deliv­ery of software and IT solutions and their integ­ra­tion into the IT infra­struc­ture are import­ant corner­stones of a success­ful business. Total One, the most innov­at­ive provider of fully automated software deliv­ery, offers you unbeat­able benefits and capab­il­it­ies to be prepared for the future.

Total One provides automated deploy­ment and config­ur­a­tion

Once you've created your business account in our system, you'll have the complete scope of Total One at your finger­tips. Our specialty is that complex IT projects and services can be delivered to your system in just a few clicks. There are hundreds of public cloud data centers like Microsoft Azure and AWS. This creates a high degree of secur­ity.

Depend­ing on what config­ur­a­tions you are planning, the solution can be delivered to your needs, in cloud, on premise, or mixed in a hybrid config­ur­a­tion. You want to integ­rate Office 365 products? Simply select the appro­pri­ate licenses in our Wizard and we will provide you with a completely automated solution with your own brand­ing. Total One fully automat­ic­ally deliv­ers turnkey IT tailored to the needs of your business.

Total One deliv­ers fully automated licenses.

Total One has automated the deliv­ery of licenses. We support Microsoft CSP Tier 1 and Tier 2, SPLA and tradi­tion­al licens­ing agree­ments. We support the entire business and technic­al process. The technic­al assign­ment to users, servers, services is also fully automated.

Total One keeps track of your user manage­ment.

Nowadays, a clear role alloc­a­tion in the IT infra­struc­ture of a company is of partic­u­lar import­ance. Total​.One already offers today the possib­il­ity to differ­en­ti­ate between commer­cial and technic­al respons­ib­il­ity of users. This new approach allows users with commer­cial respons­ib­il­it­ies to focus on controlling processes while deleg­at­ing tasks and respons­ib­il­it­ies to other users.

Total One lever­ages Microsoft's market-leading techno­lo­gies by using AzureAD with MFA (Multi-Factor Authen­tic­a­tion) and SSO (Single Sign-On) capab­il­it­ies. Thus, you always have full control over users' logins and permis­sions, and can review and track each step. With Total One you can also benefit from the advant­ages of shared services without comprom­ising your individu­al secur­ity.

Total One offers you the highest level of secur­ity and easy assign­ment of author­iz­a­tions in your system.

Total One has been designed that each custom­er is defined as its own "island". This archi­tec­ture is based on the goal that each compon­ent and each user of the platform is managed solely by those respons­ible for the business. All your creden­tials are stored only in your individu­al Active Direct­ory and in your individu­al key vault. To maxim­ize your secur­ity, all commu­nic­a­tion is encryp­ted and all messages are signed with the latest stand­ards. Addition­ally, all trans­ac­tions are monitored with Advanced Threat Analyt­ics, which informs you immedi­ately in case of misuse of accounts. All trans­ac­tions and invoices are fully audit­able and can be reviewed at any time by the respons­ible person and assigned to the purchased packages.

Total One offers you the Cloud of the future.

Setting up complex clouds for the IT infra­struc­ture of a company often creates a huge effort and is usually not feasible without technic­al support. With Total One we put you in the position to deploy fully automated complex hybrid clouds with just a few clicks.

This means, you can use both, tradi­tion­al private techno­lo­gies and the latest cloud techno­lo­gies. Total One provides full automa­tion of data centers, branches, networks, servers, firewalls, certi­fic­ates, DNS, Active Direct­ory, Office 365, databases, messaging, identity and secur­ity services, SaaS applic­a­tions, IaaS applic­a­tions, and PaaS applic­a­tions. In cloud – on premise – hybrid – hosted – private.

With Total One, we enable you to create complex system archi­tec­tures in just minutes, a process which typic­ally takes sever­al months. Total One includes­sev­er­al pre-configured reliable custom­er cloud examples that you can easily custom­ize accord­ing to your requir­ments. Our custom­er clouds range from setups for very small businesses to large inter­na­tion­al deliv­er­ies. We support a growing number of native cloud services from multiple vendors and fully integ­rate them into your IT infra­struc­ture.

The key to a success­ful IT? Reliable server!

We included in our Total One platform the automated deploy­ment of over 60 differ­ent server types. This allows you to respond quickly to new business and techno­logy demands. Depend­ing on your changing require­ments, you can choose from a per day up to a full-year subscrip­tion.

Total One offers flexible and up-to-date pricing.

Total One has automated your business IT deliv­ery. A special advant­age of our platform is the fully automated invoicing and billing via Microsoft Billing. Total One offers fully automated order­ing, billing and invoicing. A variety of differ­ent IT licenses often leads to an opaque and hard-to-under­stand billing. Especially in cases where licence with a relat­ively short service life have to be purchased with a subscrip­tion for a longer time period. Often there is a large number of bills from differ­ent service providers. In Total One we offer with so-called account­ing access a simple way for tax firms / consult­ants, as well as in-house bookkeep­ing, to track costs and to assign appro­pri­ately. This innov­at­ive system signi­fic­antly reduces working hours and frees up resources. The individu­al invoices can be viewed world­wide for service months and downloaded as PDF files.

Our easy-to-use wizards automate all your pricing options, wheth­er you need your billing per order, piece or consump­tion.

Total One offers business automa­tion includ­ing your billing and invoicing require­ments. We handle multina­tion­al billing, curren­cies, VAT, sales tax, payment terms and language support. for more than 16 curren­cies in 50 countries. This ensures unified invoicing.