Automated Deployment & Configuration

With the help of Total One’s easy-to-use wizards complex IT projects and services are delivered in a few clicks.

Your solution can be delivered in-cloud as well as on-premise or mixed in a hybrid configuration.

You can choose from hundreds of public cloud data centers, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, but you can also use your customer’s private data center or the data center of your trusted hoster.

You want to integ­rate Office 365 products? Just select them in our wizard and we will deliv­er for you a completely automated solution with your own branding.

As a hosting partner you can design service packages, so called custom­er clouds, that match your custom­ers’ business profile and requirements.

You define your new digit­al value chain.

You do not need to know the technic­al details of the config­ur­a­tion, just focus on the inform­a­tion needed and your custom­er requirements.

You bring the require­ments, Total One deliv­ers fully automated turnkey IT!

Automated Deployment & Configuration